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The Studio Experience - Special offers from £19

There is always a great feeling about having a professional portrait done, but there is also a little apprehension. Most people have never set foot into a Photography Studio before and the experience can be a little daunting at first as well as exciting. I have great experience in putting my models at ease so that I can capture the real you. The Studio is booked on a half or full day basis to ensure that there are no time pressures. You will be greeted with a warm smile and we will take some time to discuss what you are looking to achieve from your session. Professional make up and Professional Hair Stylists can be arranged for your shoot should you want them (at extra cost, contact me for current pricing). Once we are happy that we have a 'plan of action' for the shoot we will get you into the studio and have some fun capturing the images you are looking for.





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Most Studio Shoots only require a half day booking, as looking your best and posing your hardest can be more tiring that you may think. There is always the option of a full days shoot for more complicated assignments which we can discuss beforehand.
Studio Time is £120 per hour. The Studio is also available for hire at £20 per hour for any budding studio photographers out there.

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